The company is a provider of advertising both offline and online that offline media will be printing media and monthly magazines which update about Smartphones News, Review, Techniques, New Equipment and New Applications. The main revenue is from offline media comes from selling books under the name “WHATPHONE” (100 baht per 1 book). The revenue from selling of advertising media within the book separated to selling as part of book cover, Advertising Column, Product Reviews and Images Advertising within the book.

Online Media is a service from offline media to response the demand of customer for more target group. At present, consumers are using smartphones and online media widely and the company have many popular online channels for example websites and facebook have more than 1,500,000 subscribers.

Digital Agency is service agent of brand in management of marketing activities on digital media to response on demand of customer. There are marketing strategies by using relevant experts to achieve marketing needs. There is evaluation to make the job success on demand of customer and marketing needs.